Cass Junior High School, located in Darien, IL, is a 5th-8th grade building. The 8th grade advanced social studies class participated in this project under the guidance of the Library of Congress and Archive-It. The class consists of 18 diverse students and all represent the wide variety of interests and focuses of a typical young teenager in Chicagoland..



Here at Mount Dora High school, we are more than meets the eye. While, yes, we are students, we want to be remembered as something more than just numbers on a page or statistics in a census. We are creators and innovators; artists and dreamers; the present and the future. Here at Mount Dora High School, we, as AP English Language students, have come together to help create an archive that captures the nuances of an upcoming generation so that future historians can analyze the background noise/what was going on in the world at this very point in time. We are the future, so get ready for a storm.


Founded in 1934, Rocky Hill School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school in East Greenwich.

Rocky Hill focuses on innovative teaching and an interactive educational experience that prepares students to become leaders and lifelong learners. Our diverse student body is challenged academically and afforded opportunities not found at any other schools.