Collections by School



Ames High School, located in Ames, Iowa is committed to ensuring that all learners develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and personal esteem necessary to grow in and shape a changing society. This project was overseen by the school’s Extended Learning Program, which administers various accelerated learning opportunities for AHS students. Altogether the Ames High School students archived 16,869,783 URLs.



Baton Rouge Magnet High School, one of the designated historical sites in the National Register of Historic Places, serves multicultural populations of high achieving students.

It is an academic and visual and performing arts magnet, offering a college preparatory curriculum that includes many honors and advanced placement courses.


Bellevue West High School in Bellevue, Nebraska is one of two high schools in the Bellevue community. Students from the Contemporary Media Issues class were selected to work on this project. These students represent a cross-section of the student population at Bellevue West. The class teacher and the school librarian are partnering to lead the group as they develop their archives.



CAPE is a charter school located in Camarillo, California. We started this process with most of the class listening in on our first teleconference. The students that were interested talked with our teacher, Mrs. Kavon, and joined the group. We met once a week and decided on what topics we wanted to focus on. Our class is very interested on learning what is going on in our world, so we finally agreed on having a collection for Current Events, Books, and A day in the life of a Camarillo Teenager. We have all enjoyed this opportunity to archive our current lives for future generations of teenagers like us.


Cass Junior High School, located in Darien, IL, is a 5th-8th grade building. The 8th grade advanced social studies class participated in this project under the guidance of the Library of Congress and Archive-It. The class consists of 18 diverse students and all represent the wide variety of interests and focuses of a typical young teenager in Chicagoland..


Charleston High School is located in rural east central Illinois and is home to 800 students. Individuals from the Classes of 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 were invited to take part in this archiving project to show the diversity of interests, talents and values within the school’s community.


Chief Umtuch Middle School has 580 students in four grades (5th – 8th) and is located at the center of our school district.

Battle Ground is a small rural town near the Columbia River, north of Portland, Oregon. Students from all over the Battle Ground School district come to this school to participate in the Aspire Program, a magnet program for gifted students.

We are the 8th grade Aspire Class at Chief Umtuch Middle School. We are a class of 17 students and are doing the Archive-it project as part of our Language Arts/History block class.


Clague Middle School is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan – home of the University of Michigan. Clague serves grades 6-8 and has over 720 students speaking 25 languages. Student participants in the program are self-selected from all grades and meet after school.



Dag Hammarskjold Middle School, generally referred to as Dag, is located on Wallingford’s east side, next to the Lyman Hall High School campus. Elementary feeder schools are: Moses Y. Beach, Pond Hill, Rock Hill, Stevens, and Yalesville..



Eustis High School is located in Eustis, Florida; a residential community located approximately 30 miles northwest of Orlando, Florida. 10th-12th grade students from a web design class and an American History class are participating in this year’s K-12 Web Archiving project. It is our first experience with web archiving, but the students have assumed full responsibility for categorizing and crawling their selected web sites. Approximately 30 students from nine different classes meet bi-weekly to crawl, annotate and monitor the web archiving project.



Located in the heart of beautiful of Alexandria, Virginia, Francis C. Hammond Middle School was built in 1956. The K-12 Web Archiving Program is helping Hammond students to better understand how to use primary sources and digital content. The students love the sense of making a lasting contribution to history and appreciate being able to share what they are working on with friends, teachers, and parents. The success of the K-12 Web Archiving Program at Hammond is a true source of pride for the School.



Gaithersburg High School is a grade 9-12 public school that serves a diverse population of over 2,300 students in Gaithersburg, Maryland. GHS promotes success for every student by providing an effective instructional program and educational partnerships. In a mutually respectful environment we celebrate diversity, encourage effort and support students. Students pursue rigorous academic opportunities in order to maximize potential and become self-sustaining members of society. GHS is a Signature School, offering 11 different career-focused signature strands, and provides a broad offering of classes that include Advanced Placement, Honors credits, and college courses taught on the high school campus. The students in the extracurricular History Club and Book Club selected the content for this Archive-It collection.


Located in Charleston, West Virginia, GWHS has been named a WV School of Excellence, West Virginia Exemplary School, and National School of Excellence. George Washington is widely known for its rigorous academic program, innovative modular scheduling, and emphasis on student responsibility and self-direction. George Washington High School students have archived a total of 13,829,857 URLs.



Jackie’s Private School is a small private school in Austin, Texas. The school serves students from preschool to 8th grade. Student participants in the K12 program are in a combined 7th and 8th grade class in World Geography and Cultures, and are archiving materials related to that course.


James Moran Middle School is located in Wallingford, CT half-way between New York and Boston. The Library of Congress Archive group was made up of 25 volunteers who met after school to select websites for inclusion into the Archive. After selecting almost 100 websites, we found patterns that were used to create our three collections: Entertainment, Shopping, and Social Networking. It was incredibly exciting to be able to contribute to the collection and have the opportunity to be involved in helping to write the history of our era. Hopefully when historians are able to reflect on our entries 1000’s of years from now they will see how we had a strong need to connect, create, and of course, go shopping online!



Lakeview High School is located in Battle Creek, Michigan and has a student population of over 1300 students. Lakeview is implementing the K12 Archiving Program through its Cultural Literacy classes. While using both primary and secondary sources, these students analyze the cultural impact of the movies, song, sports, books, etc. at the time, the impact they still have today, and the impact they have on each individual student. By doing this analysis, students are able to develop an understanding of what might be important to researchers studying our culture in the future.


Lincoln Park strives to develop critical thinking, social development, cultural enrichment, and leadership in our diverse student body. At the start of this project, the students took a trip to the Museum of Science & Industry here in Chicago to learn about the Internet. Students created an avatar and used it as a guide through the explanation of the Internet. Lincoln Park High School students archived a total of 31,436,416 URLs.



These Archive-It collections were selected by Journalism students at Miramonte High School in Orinda, California. The Journalism class consists of 9th – 12th graders who are studying communications and publishing across a variety of media. Miramonte High School serves students who live in the suburban residential communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. Miramonte High School students archived a total of 19,658,358 URLs.


Mount Dora High School, home of the “Hurricanes,” is located in the city of Mount Dora, Florida, approximately 30 miles northwest of Orlando, Florida.

Here at Mount Dora High school, we are more than meets the eye. While, yes, we are students, we want to be remembered as something more than just numbers on a page or statistics in a census. We are creators and innovators; artists and dreamers; the present and the future. Here at Mount Dora High School, we, as AP English Language students, have come together to help create an archive that captures the nuances of an upcoming generation so that future historians can analyze the background noise/what was going on in the world at this very point in time. We are the future, so get ready for a storm.




Norfolk Collegiate is an independent, coeducational day school enrolling students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 on two campuses.


North Myrtle Beach High School is a rural school in Little River, South Carolina. Our attendance area has the Atlantic Ocean to its east and is bordered by North Carolina to its north. North Myrtle Beach High School students archived a total of 12,315,695 URLs.


Public School 174 Queens, located in Rego Park in New York City, is named after the 19th century American painter William Sidney Mount. The idea of archiving sites is new to us and we like the idea that we can go back to these sites when we’re older and look at what we liked to visit online in 2012. We just never thought that we could save web sites and we assumed that when sites changed, the old ones were gone forever. It’s a good idea to archive sites which we’ll appreciate more when we get older.


We are an ethnically diverse school in one of the most diverse boroughs in the nation: the borough of Queens, New York City. Over 40 languages are spoken and our diversity is our wealth. Because we are so international, we see the Internet as a major part of our lives and we keep in touch with our families that way. NYC Public School 56’s 5th graders have archived a total of 12,768,796 URLs.



Paul VI Catholic High School is located just outside of Washington D.C in Fairfax, Virginia. We’ve created the Webcrawlers Club to be part of this program. The club is student-run, with the school librarian serving as the advisor. Chosen sites are an eclectic mix recommended by Paul VI’s students. We have a lead student for each of our three collections, each of whom is in charge of the site descriptions for their collection. Our club members are proud to be the connection between the Paul VI community and the students of the future.


The School District of Philadelphia is the eighth largest school district in the nation, by enrollment. Located in a historic and culturally rich setting, we are a racially and ethnically diverse community committed to education. We are students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members; we are the School District of Philadelphia..


Pleasant Grove High School is a public high school located in Central Utah. The students participate in the Archive-It program in a student run club. The students enjoy this great program that allows them to find what is interesting and important to them. One of our students said, “It allows us to make an impact on our history and let us know that our opinions matter.” Our students love to learn and be informed about the world we live in.



Founded in 1934, Rocky Hill School is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school in East Greenwich.

Rocky Hill focuses on innovative teaching and an interactive educational experience that prepares students to become leaders and lifelong learners. Our diverse student body is challenged academically and afforded opportunities not found at any other schools.


Rooftop is a K-8 public, alternative elementary school located in the center of San Francisco on two sites on the eastern slope of Twin Peaks. Our student population reflects the City’s diverse ethnic background. Programs in art, music, and drama are considered an integral part of the Rooftop experience. The Archive/Opera class at Rooftop’s Studio at Mayeda gives students the opportunity create both the “archives” (from Greek ta arkheia “public records,” and the “opera,” (the work). As we explore the school’s history, we make decisions about what we would like to archive and come together to create new works of art in the process.


Rosman High School is a small school located in rural western Transylvania County in the southwestern mountains of North Carolina. We felt it was important to show the world some of our cultural heritage within the Internet. Our Transylvania County collection is a reflection of what our county has to offer. For our second topic, we discussed what most teenagers do with their time on the Internet. Not surprisingly, the answer was “Waste Time!” So, our second collection became our waste of time.



The Sherwood School District in Sherwood, Oregon is located in the Portland Metropolitan Area. Our after school archiving club consists of ten – 6th through 8th grade students from our two middle schools, Sherwood Middle School and Laurel Ridge Middle School. The main selection criteria that was used for choosing web sites is that it be a site that the students find useful, helpful, or just plain fun and one that means something to the particular students.


St. Anne’s School of Annapolis is an independent Episcopal school for students in Preschool through Eighth Grade. We are located in the capital of Maryland.

34 Student in the 8th grade Humanities class studied the archiving process. They identified websites that were important in their lives. Once websites were identified, students proposed categories. Four student volunteers selected categories and sites from those submitted, wrote the descriptions and set up the crawls.


Located at the foot of Taylor Mountain in Santa Rosa, California, Sonoma Academy is a dynamic, co-ed, college preparatory high school providing a 21st century education to students in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, and Lake Counties. In keeping with our mission to deliver quality 21st century learning tools, we embraced the opportunity to participate in the K-12 Web Archiving Program. A small group of students, led by Sonoma Academy’s librarian, signed up to learn about digital archiving, select websites that reflect their interests and everyday lives, and create a lasting record of those sites.



The Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program is a small independent middle school located in Providence, RI. Students from three urban districts (Providence, Cranston, and Central Falls). Our Archive-It group consists of a variety of students who meet biweekly during lunch in our library with our Teacher Librarian Darshell Silva. They are a diverse and creative group who have very lively discussions about which websites should be archived and why.


The Educational Enhancement Program is located at Sheehan High School in Wallingford, CT half-way between New York and Boston. We have 20 students in grades 10-12. Each class spent time simulating in school our natural web surfing activities that they would have followed at home. It is becoming increasingly evident that while time spent on the “web” might be increasing. the number of sites visiting is decreasing. Many of the sites that ended up being saved were for places that we visit regularly, and websites for the apps that we use. After choosing the websites, we found that almost every site could fit into one of three categories: Daily Life, Entertainment, and Shopping. We think it is an honor to be able to contribute to the archive, and in our own little way help to “write” history.


Whitefish Middle School lives at the base of Big Mountain and Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort. We are only 25 minutes from Glacier National Park and we get to pick wild huckleberries each August. It is common to see whitetail deer in our backyards, even in town. One of the best spots is Whitefish Lake where families ice-fish, boat, or just hang out at City Beach.


Williams Middle Magnet, located in Tampa, Florida, is an International Baccalaureate/Middle Years Programme school. Each year, since 1999, WMS has been rated an “A” school by the state of Florida. More than half of our student population is a member of the National Junior Honor Society and WMS has been designated a Magnet Schools of America Merit Award Winner 11 years in a row. Our school supports a diverse population that participates in a diverse curriculum. Robotics, Model United Nations, Math Leagues, and Curriculum Enrichment Opportunities are examples of the rich and holistic experiences our students a partake in.