COVID-19 Web Archiving Special Campaign

COVID-19 Campaign One-sheet

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In response to a dramatic increase in institutions building, or wanting to build, web archive collections documenting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Archive-It is offering significant cost-sharing for use of our subscription web archiving services. Archive-It is currently used by over 600 libraries, memory organizations, nonprofits and others to preserve and provide perpetual access to the archived web. We want to do everything we can to enable existing and new partners to preserve the web-published records of this historical event.

Special Campaign Details

Archive-It is offering cost-sharing from 40%-70% for data budget increases or new institutional subscriptions to those who want to build web archive collections related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For institutions or projects in extreme financial uncertainty, we will work with you to find a way to
support your COVID-19 web archiving plans. We expect this cost-
sharing offer to remain in place as long as the pandemic continues.

For Existing Partners

Please use this form to request COVID-19 web archiving data budget increases. For those who have recently increased their data budget for COVID-19 collecting, or expect too soon, we will work with you to incorporate this offer in your current subscription.

For New Partners

New to web archiving and want to build COVID-19 web collections? Archive-It will provide you with a subsidized Archive-It account that includes our web-based application, public collections at and APIs, perpetual storage, and the ability to download your archived data. Learn more about Archive-It here and check the box for COVID-19 collecting here to get in touch.

For Others Looking to Contribute

Please see our blog post here or other ways to contribute to existing COVID-19 web archiving efforts and feel free to contact us with any other ideas.