2014 Election archiving collaboration takes off

May 8th, 2014

By Sylvie Rollason-Cass, Partner Specialist


source https://www.flickr.com/photos/vox_efx

This year, the Archive-It team is partnering with researchers Michael Dougal and Ryan Hübert at the University of California, Berkeley, Karen Jusko, Allison Anoll, and Mackenzie Israel-Trummel at Stanford University, and Mike Parkin at Oberlin College to archive the campaign websites of the 2014 congressional candidates. These websites contain valuable historical information that is added, changed, and taken down frequently during a campaign cycle, as Nicholas Taylor writes in the Stanford library blog :

“Congressional campaign websites are valuable primary source material for historians, social scientists, and the public to better understand the evolution of political communication in the Web era. Campaign websites also afford unique opportunities for the mass collection of materials that would have been previously difficult to acquire outside of the candidate’s district. While it is a truism that the Web is constantly changing and broken links are an inevitable outcome, campaign websites are predictably ephemeral given their time-limited purpose.

Currently, our 2014 Primaries collection contains over 1,800 websites archived on a weekly basis since January 2014. We will be updating the collections weekly until mid November 2014. You can take a look at this year’s archived sites and watch the evolution of candidates’ websites over the course of the primaries and onward on the 2014 Congressional Election Cycle Archive-It page.

The Internet Archive is no stranger to collecting Election content and has been working with the Library of Congress on collections of Election websites for over 10 years. Those collections are housed at the Library of Congress, you can view some of them on their Web Archives page. You can also read the rest of Nicholas Taylor‘s blog post here.