Learn more about web archiving with Archive-It Advanced Training

March 26th, 2020

by Jillian Lohndorf, Web Archivist for Archive-It


There are lots of ongoing training opportunities for web archivists of all experience levels. In particular, the Archive-It Advanced Training series of webinars features lessons, technology updates, and more tips and tricks from the Internet Archive’s staff and web archiving partners around the world! You can always check out the highlights from our past trainings here in the Archive-It Help Center and register for the next upcoming webinars. Here are some examples of what you will find:

Managing collections

The latest training webinar cuts right to the chase: what belongs in a web archive and why? Partners from the Queens Public Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and UC San Diego explain how they arrived at their answers with a discussion and demonstration of their collection development policies. And in Teaching Archive-It, the partners from the Internet Archive, Library and Archives Canada, and New York University explain how they train their own staff to manage web archive collections as they grow.

Access and description

Ever wonder how other organizations provide access to their web archives? Interested in boosting access to your own? Then check out the Access to Archive-It Collections training!  Partners from the Maryland State Archives, New York Arts Resources Consortium, and the US Government Publishing Office break down the various ways they share their collections, the decision-making that led them to those methods, and how they maintain and evaluate access.  

Descriptive practices for web archives varies widely.  Hear Archive-It partners and metadata experts discuss their approaches in the Describing Web Archives training. This training features advice from librarians and archivists at Harvard University Library, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and the Frick Art Reference Library, including the connections between each organization’s practices and recommendations from the OCLC Research Library Partnership: Web Archiving Metadata Working Group.

Technology review

The Under the Hood training opens the web archivists’ toolkit and for web archiving and quality assurance workflows. Explore the relationship between collections and seeds (starting at the 2:00 minute mark), learn how to maximize your web browser (19:10), how Wayback QA works (23:35), and how to leverage full-text search functions (30:20). This training features multiple web archivists from the Internet Archive, popping the hood and getting their hands dirty.  

The series also includes regular updates on altogether new tools and tech. For in-depth introductions and demonstrations of how to use them, see the training webinars on the “Brozzler” capture tool and the open APIs available for digital preservation and developers.

The webinar series continues this summer, so never hesitate to let Archive-It staff know here when you have ideas for new topics.