Announcing Archive-It 5.0

January 12th, 2016

We are proud to announce the release of Archive-It 5.0.

Beginning Monday, January 18, all Archive-It partners will have access to the full suite of new and enhanced features that were developed to make this major upgrade to our web application and services. These improvements are the results of direct feedback from our partner community and our 10 years of experience working with you to preserve the web, so we are excited to share them with you now!


Getting started with 5.0

To ease your transition to the new version of our web application, we welcome all partners to join us for one of the following live demonstrations:

Wednesday, January 20, at 10AM PST

Friday, January 22, at 11AM PST

Monday, January 25, at 1PM PST

Thursday, January 28, at 12PM PST

Invitations to sign up for a live demo have been emailed to all partners.

The live demos with Archive-It’s web archivists will last roughly one hour and include time for a walkthrough of the Archive-It 5.0 user interface, introduction to new features, and Q+A. If you cannot join us at one of the above times, rest assured that we will provide recorded videos of the same shortly after they are completed.


What’s new

Upon logging into our web application on or after Monday, January 18, the first thing that you will notice is its completely redesigned user interface–first introduced in the earlier release of 5.0 reports.


AIT 5.0 Account Home


In addition to the new look and feel, Archive-It 5.0 improves and introduces many features for your web archiving program. For a complete list of these enhancements, short and illustrated descriptions, and links to more detailed documentation, see our full Archive-It 5.0 Release Notes.

Some of the enhancements most frequently requested by partners and included in this release include:

  • Seed types: Use new and improved configurations to expand or limit the content archived from each seed as you add it to your collection. Our Standard, Standard+, One Page, and One Page+ seed types extend your control beyond Archive-It 4.9’s menu of seed types.
  • Seed-level scoping: Scope expansions and host constraints may now be applied at the seed level. This feature enables you to include or exclude material from chosen hosts based on their seeds, rather than across your entire collection.
  • Seed crawling histories: To facilitate monitoring your seeds over time, each seed now has an accompanying crawl history so you can review all crawls that captured content from it.
  • Actionable host reports: You can now modify the scope of your crawls to include or block further content directly from their Hosts reports. This feature combines the functions of Archive-It 4.9’s QA Report and Scope-It Crawl Explorer, which will be discontinued in 5.0.
  • Real-time reports: Archive-It 5.0 enables to you review full reports for currently running crawls as their data populate, to chart each crawl’s data volume as it progresses, and to monitor individual URLs as our crawler discovers them.
  • Subscription tracking: We’re phasing out document budgets. You can still find your account’s total and year-to-date totals for data and documents on our web application’s landing page. To track and manage your subscription’s annual budget from now on, however, you may rely solely upon the data-specific figures and graphic.
  • Research Services: Archive-It Research Services (“ARS” in your web application) provide you with datasets that support high level analyses of your collections. You and your patrons may mine your archival data stores without expensive computing resources by using these lightweight files of metadata, named entities, and hyperlinks.
  • Help Center: To help you use all of the above and more features of Archive-It 5.0, we’ve completely rebuilt our online documentation. Follow the “Help Center” link at the top of the web application to access our user guide, FAQs, direct support system, and related resources.




As we prepare the transition to Archive-It 5.0, you will retain access to all of your data and account management features in the existing Archive-It 4.9 user interface. To quickly toggle your view back to Archive-It 4.9 at any time, simply use the “Switch to Archive-It 4.9” button at the bottom of the web application. To use the many features new to Archive-It 5.0, toggle back to the new interface with the “Switch to Archive-It 5.0” button at the bottom-right of the 4.9 interface.

***Please note that we must terminate access to the 4.9 interface after our partners have made the transition to 5.0. We will provide ample notice as soon as a turn-off date for Archive-It 4.9 is available.***


What’s next

Since introducing Archive-It 4.0 in 2011, you have helped us to identify and develop key elements of today’s service. We continue to rely upon your insights as we map development for Archive-It 5.1 and beyond. Some of the most frequently requested features already on our development timeline include:

  • The ability to move or share seeds among different collections
  • Embargo periods for collections and seeds–designated time-spans for restricted access
  • Enhanced capabilities to export files from your crawls by their type (PDF, image, etc.)
  • Deaccessioning abilities for materials that you wish to remove from your collections
  • Design improvements to the Wayback calendar page and banner

Visit the ongoing and future development page in our new Help Center for the most up-to-date information on our plans to further develop Archive-It, and consider suggesting new features that you do not see there in our feature request forum.

In the meantime, we look forward to introducing you to the new web application, to your feedback, and to building even better collections together.


The Archive-It Team