Archive-It Partner News, December 2022

December 21st, 2022

by the Archive-It team

Happy Holidays

Warmest wishes for the 2022 Holiday Season from our team to you and yours!

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Community News

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Visualization presented at the Humanities and the Web: Introduction to Web Archive Data Analysis, November 14, 2022, Los Angeles Public Library.

Humanities and the Web: Introduction to Web Archive Data Analysis Recap

On November 14, 2022, the Internet Archive hosted Humanities and the Web: Introduction to Web Archive Data Analysis, a one-day introductory workshop for humanities scholars and cultural heritage professionals. Participants were introduced to web archives as primary sources and to ARCH (Archives Research Compute Hub), and Internet Archive staff members provided hands-on experience building web archives and analyzing web archive collections as data.

To learn more about the workshop, check out this blog post.

“Russia’s War on Ukraine” Digital Archive

The Harvard Gazette recently wrote a profile on ​​Olha Aleksic, who started the “Russia’s War on Ukraine” digital archive in March 2022. This digital archive, built with Archive-It, captured news stories, videos, data trackers, and social media posts from organizations and media outlets on the ground.

Read more about Olha and her colleagues efforts in this article.

Feature Spotlight: Sharing Seeds

ICYMI, Sharing seeds across collections is now widely available in all Archive-It partner accounts! This feature has been available for the past few months, so Web Archivist Tanya Ulmer checks in with our partners to see how this long-awaited feature is working.

You can read more about this feature in our blog post Feature Spotlight: Sharing Seeds.

Get Involved in Web Archiving Street Art

The IIPC’s Content Development Working Group is taking up the challenge of preserving web content related to global street art to serve for study and research in the future. Since the Web has become the primary means of dissemination of these works beyond the street itself, this IIPC group is asking for nominations for web content from different parts of the globe by January 20, 2023.

Read more about their efforts and how to nominate web content  for inclusion in this blog post.

What we’re reading

Tech and Training

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ICYMI: Game Walkthroughs and Web Archiving Presentation now online

As part of the IIPC Research Speaker Series (RSS), Travis Reid of Old Dominion University led a free webinar on Game Walkthroughs and Web Archiving on December 14, 2022 and provided an overview of how a gaming concept was applied to the web archiving process.

You can access the presentation slides here: IIPC RSS Webinar: Game Walkthroughs and Web Archiving Presentation

ICYMI: National Library of History Talk “What’s in a Web Archive Collection” now online

Dr. Weigle’s November 2022 National Library of History Talk provided an overview of web archiving, the challenges involved in making sense of web archive collections, and highlighted projects in the Web Science and Digital Libraries (WS-DL) research group at Old Dominion University focused on enhancing web archive collections.

You can access the presentation slides here: What’s in a Web Archive Collection? Summarization and Discovery of Archived Webpages

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Highland Park Archives and Local History Collections, Highland Park Public Library

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