What belongs in a web archive? Collection development policies and goals

February 20th, 2020

by Karl-Rainer Blumenthal, Web Archivist for Archive-It

Archive-It partners and friends gathered online this week to discuss why they collect what they collect. Natalie Milbrodt (Queens Public Library), Kristy Sorensen (Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary), and Tori Maches (UC San Diego) introduced their peer web archivists to the needs and goals that guide their decision-making about very different kinds of collections. They also found significant common ground among their methods for creating, sharing, and updating formal collection development policies. Questions from their peers further helped all attendees to hone in on the specific objectives that make each web archive unique.

If you missed the chance to join us live or ever want to revisit the lessons shared, the recorded webinar is now available as the latest installment in Archive-It’s Advanced Training series. Thanks to our colleagues in the Society of American Archivists’ Web Archiving Section for hosting this timely conversation with us!

You can read and share the full policy documents that were discussed here:

Queens Public Library

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

UC San Diego

And for more examples of web archive collection development policies created by Archive-It partners, see the blog post: What belongs in a community web archive? New collecting guidelines and examples from Community Webs partners