How to archive like a 5th grader

June 12th, 2014

“Doing a project based on archiving is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot more skills to finish a job like this. My Web Archiving experience was amazing and will always be archived in my mind.”   – 5th grade student, NYC Public School 174, Queens

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5th Grade students from NYC Public School 174, Queens

The K12 Web Archiving Program is wrapping up its 7th year of collaboration with 5th through 12th grade classrooms from around the country.  We’re very excited to show off the collections that the students have created,  on such topics as Recreation for Teens in Northern Virginia and Food Central. You can browse the collections on the K12 Web Archiving Program website:

This program provides a new perspective on saving history and culture, allowing students to actively participate and make decisions about what content will be saved.  But don’t take our word for it! The 5th graders from NYC Public School 174 in Queens, New York had a lot to say about their involvement in the program.

“Being part of the Web Archiving project was a dream come true. I got a second chance because we participated in third grade! I loved looking up and archiving websites to add to my collection. I learned a lot of things from this, such as how to crawl websites and what the hard parts of archiving were.”

“Participating in the Web Archiving project helped us learn more about our modern day technology and what we really wanted to save.”

“The Web Archiving Project was a fun while difficult experience. I enjoyed searching for all of the websites in the many different categories we had. The day we finished we were very happy We all jumped up And high-fived. I think the project improved my research skills a great deal. Trying to find all of the different websites and writing descriptions for all of them was a great way to improve my thinking. Overall, I think the project was a great experience and helped me very much.”