Welcome new Archive-It teammates

July 8th, 2020

by the Archive-It team

The Archive-It team is growing! Three Web Archivists (and alumnae of the Internet Archive’s digitization program in Canada) and a Program Manager have joined the team, as we continue to build out and provide new support to our expanding list of web archiving partners. Please join us in welcoming Ella Hitchcock, Raven Germain, Tanya Ulmer, and Peggy Lee.

Phots of new Archive-It teammates Ella, Raven, Tanya, and Peggy

From left to right: New Archive-It teammates Ella, Raven, Tanya, and Peggy

Ella Hitchcock is completing her Masters in Library and Information Sciences + Masters of Art from the University of Alberta.  She brings her experience in book digitization, including as a Digitization Assistant with University of Alberta’s Digital Initiatives project, and her time as a Research Assistant documenting link and image rot using image recognition tools. As a Web Archivist, she’s interested in archiving social media around fan fiction. When she’s not furthering digitization efforts, she’s embroidering, playing a lot of Tetris, and data mining web archives that involve fan activity. 

Raven Germain completed her MLIS from the University of Alberta in 2019, and first joined the Internet Archive as a Digital Scanner Operator. With a background in English and history, Raven is drawn to working with primary documents and local artists’ collections, and is particularly interested in the challenges of archiving ephemeral materials. In her spare time, she can be found playing the piano, reading fantasy, watching horror movies, camping near the Rocky Mountains, and any sports that aren’t jogging.

Tanya Ulmer came to the Internet Archive with a publishing background and an MLIS from the University of Alberta.  She loves working with books, one of the greatest loves of her life. A world traveler who’s been to 17 countries, including Russia and Finland, she’s pleased to be a part of the Internet Archive because of her alignment to the mission “universal access to all knowledge.”   

Peggy Lee joins Archive-It with a background working on social change.  Peggy has worked on education projects as wide-ranging as Made by Girls, a tech education program empowering girls through mentorship and positive experiences with STEM; Digital Media Academy, where she was responsible for the management, training, and budgetary oversight of a flagship summer program; and with Waylink, a multinational company developing educational programs for international students.  She’s also worked in academia, at Johns Hopkins University (where she earned her master’s Degree in Public Health), researching game and mobile-based innovations for social change, and coordinating projects for audiences in Africa and Asia; and at the University of California, San Francisco, developing and facilitating a national sensitivity training program for community organization providers on the topics of HIV, Substance Abuse, and Asian/Pacific Islander populations. Her UCSF work was inspired by her time in China, where she volunteered with the CDC, editing reports on HIV in high risk populations. Part of what drew Peggy to Archive-It was the Community Webs project, which engaged in work close to her heart: community building, outreach engagement, diversity and inclusion, and capacity building. When she’s not advocating for social change, she can be found brewing (award winning) beer, listening to Bruce Springsteen, writing poetry or crushing pop culture trivia nights.

Welcome to Ella, Raven, Tanya, and Peggy!