Meet new Archive-It and Web Group teammates

November 26th, 2018

by the Archive-It team

Archive-It and the Internet Archive’s Web Group welcomed three new teammates this fall. They have already contributed important updates and improvements to the web crawling, data service, and archival replay tools relied upon by Archive-It partners. We look forward to sharing much more about their work soon, right here on the Archive-It blog. In the meantime please join us in welcoming Madison, Helge, and Connor!


Photos of new Web Group and Archive-It teammates

New teammates from left to right: Madison Scott-Clary, Helge Holzmann, and Connor Walsh


Madison Scott-Clary, Senior Engineer, Seattle, Washington. Madison is a software engineer and author. She joined Archive-It to help partners store and share archives of their collections, having gotten homesick for her past life as a librarian. Prior to working at the Archive, she studied music composition at Colorado State University and worked with open-source software at Canonical. When she isn’t neck-deep in code, she’s usually found writing or editing fiction and non-fiction works both inside and outside of the furry subculture, making a mess of the kitchen, and listening to music too loud. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her two dogs and her husband, who is a dog on the Internet.

Helge Holzmann, Web Data Engineer, Hannover, Germany. Helge earned his Master of Computer Science and worked as a researcher in Germany, striving for his PhD on efficient access methods for web archives, in which he already closely collaborated with the Internet Archive and Archive-It. He is passionate about big data, especially if there’s a temporal aspect to it, and is glad to contribute to a non-profit team that holds one of the biggest collections of free data in the world. In addition to creating innovative services by deriving new value from this unique dataset, Helge is happy to support libraries and institutions interested in accessing the data as a consultant located in Europe. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and little daughter, who joined this world just one month before he joined the Archive.

Connor Walsh, Web Crawl Engineer, Queens, New York. Connor engineers crawls for Archive-It and the Internet Archive’s domain crawling partners. In school, they studied physics/math (B.S. Rutgers) and machine learning/computational modeling (M.S. CMU). Their research has been published in Nature, ACM, AGU, & NIPS. Before joining the Archive, they worked as a researcher/engineer at a cybersecurity startup and attended the Recurse Center. When not writing computer code, Connor spends their time making sounds with electronics, drawing comics, biking, cooking, teaching high school computer science, and engaging with all sorts of useless/silly ideas.