Our first international Web Archiving Meeting

October 1st, 2013


The view from our meeting room, Innsbruck Austria. Photo by Erich Wichselgartner.

On September 20th Archive-It, along with our Partners at the University of Innsbruck, hosted our first ever Archive-It meeting outside of the United States.

Archive-It now partners with 32 organizations outside of the United States and as we continue to grow we see the increased need for engaging in face-to-face dialogue with web archivists around the world to learn about their specific needs and challenges outside of the American perspective. We were grateful to have professionals from Austria, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Egypt, and Canada in attendance.

While Archive-It Partners from the University of Innsbruck, American University in Cairo, and University of Alberta presented on the progress they’ve made in their collections, we also heard from a wide range of professionals who spoke on their unique use cases and solutions for web archiving at their organizations.

Common themes throughout the meeting included:

-attention to challenges around copyright of web content and permission to crawl
-appraisal and section of web content to be archived
-capture and display of increasingly complicated social media sites
-the scholarly and scientific use of web archives by researchers
-access and integration of archive.org web captures in Archive-It.org
-“making the case” for web archiving to an organization’s leadership

Presentation slides from the meeting are available to view here.

We look forward to further engagement with our European colleagues and hope for continued success of additional librarians and archivists in creating thriving web archiving programs at their organizations. To continue the conversations and collaborations that took place in Innsbruck, we are already underway planning our second International meeting for 2014, as well as hiring for a UK Partner Specialist to better serve our European partners.

Check back to the Archive-It blog soon, as we will continue to spotlight the excellent presentations shared at the meeting. Until then, some photos from the meeting:


Stephen Urgola of American University in Cairo presenting on “University on the Square: Documenting Egypt’s 21st Century Revolution – Web Archiving January 25, 2011 and Beyond with Archive-It.”  Photo by Erich Wichselgartner.


Group discussion

Group discussion

Group discussion


Felix Stadler of St. Gallen State Archives presenting on “The State of Web Archiving in Switzerland”