Seeking pilot partners for new Digital Preservation Services

February 16th, 2021

by the Archive-It team

Archive-It is releasing a new suite of digital preservation services with additional data, monitoring, and storage locality features. Our goal is to provide organizations with a low-cost solution for the active preservation of any type of data or files.

Screenshot of Archive-It's Digital Preservation Services mock-up

We are currently seeking pilot partners to help test and refine the service. If you are interested in exploring new Digital Preservation Services, please fill out the online interest form and we will contact you with more information. Pilot partners will receive a year of free use of the services for an agreed amount of data ingested for preservation as part of the pilot. All data deposited by pilot partners will be preserved and retrievable in perpetuity.

Although Archive-It includes forever storage and access for data archived using the service, many larger institutions and custom contract partners have requested additional preservation functionality through the years. The new Digital Preservation Services suite makes these features available to any institution and can also be used for any type of digital asset, including both materials archived or digitized using Internet Archive’s services as well as digital files and objects created or currently stored locally or in third-party commercial systems.

Built upon existing Archive-It and Internet Archive infrastructure and featuring APIs, active monitoring capability, diverse storage and replication options, and other features, these services will also benefit users by offering cost savings for preserving their data within Internet Archive’s not-for-profit, self-owned and operated data centers at costs much lower than commercial, for-profit cloud providers. We believe in universal access to open, mission-aligned infrastructure just as we believe in universal access to knowledge.

The services’ interactive dashboard provides a clear snapshot of current data types, statistics, storage locations, and fixity reports. Our APIs also make it possible to automate data export and ingest, view custom reports and preservation metadata, and sync with external repository services. With an extensive list of features to choose from, partners can tailor their desired services suite to fulfill a vast array of storage, security, and reporting requirements. 

Features include:

Additional Replication: We will store and preserve however many copies of your archival data as you wish.

Additional Geolocation: We can store archival data in Internet Archive data center locations around the world, including 3 nations on 2 continents. 

Additional Architectures: We can store your data in multiple technical storage architectures in order to reduce technology risk.

Fixity Check Frequency: Fixity checks can be run as frequently as you wish, with the additional capability to apply different frequencies for different subsets of archived data.

Third-Party Cloud Replication: We can store additional copies of archival data in both commercial and institutional third-party cloud systems.

The Internet Archive welcomes new or existing partner organizations to contact us (webservices [at] archive [dot] org) for more information or to fill the online form with their interest in exclusive access as a pilot partner.