The Archive-It Help Center just got more helpful!

July 6th, 2016

by Maria Praetzellis

Help where you need it

First up, you’ll notice a new blue “Help” widget at the bottom-right hand of every view in both the Archive-It web application and the Help Center itself. You can use the widget to quickly search and read our documentation without having to navigate away from your current view. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can also submit a support ticket from this same interface.


Link to Help


Community Forum

Come join the conversation, post questions, and get to know your colleagues in the Archive-It Help Center’s new Community Forum. This is a new central location to discuss issues such as policy, metadata, and scoping with other partners as well as the Archive-It team. To get the ball rolling, we at Archive-It are adding to these conversations ourselves, have included our prior threads on Archive-It feature requests, and enlisted the help of some intrepid partners as Community Moderators! The Community Moderators are here to field and take a first pass at your questions or suggestions, and to connect interested partners with each other and the Archive-It team.





Interested in being alerted when specific pages or conversations in the Community Forum are updated? For example, if you are regularly archiving Facebook you may want to “follow” our documentation as a convenient way to stay abreast of changes to scoping recommendations. You can easily do this by selecting the Follow option on an article or forum topic in the Help Center.

You may also want to Follow our new Announcements section of the Help Center. This is where any outstanding bugs, or site specific issues will be posted. Again, using Facebook as an example, information on our ongoing work to circumvent the Facebook captcha will be posted here.



Check it out!

You can reach this new feature by way of the same “Help Center” link in the Archive-It web application as before, and always find it online here.