Welcome Pete and Madeline!

June 12th, 2019

by the Archive-It team

Archive-It and the Internet Archive’s Web Group welcomed two new teammates this spring. Web archiving partners will get to know both well through their direct technical and administrative support. In the meantime please join us in welcoming Pete Mitchell and Madeline Carruthers!


New teammates Pete Mitchell (left) and Madeline Carruthers (right)


Pete Mitchell will help partners to collect an ever changing and challenging web in a new Technical Support Specialist role for Archive-It. He is a certified member of the Oregon Trail Generation — the kids that still had rotary phones, taped live radio onto cassette, and came of age as the Internet was doing the same. He has been using the Wayback Machine as long as he can remember, and is over the moon at the chance to work for the Internet Archive. Pete enjoys wasting time on the Internet (frequently via Reddit), as well as video and board games, Dungeons & Dragons, sci-fi and fantasy in all forms of media. He is a passionate supporter of the Seattle Sounders and a tortured fan of the San Jose Sharks. He also loves pinball and skeeball, mini golf, camping, and spontaneous road trips. If you share any of his interests, Pete WILL passionately talk as long as you allow him.

Madeline Carruthers will take over Partner Coordinator duties for Kyrie Whitsett (now a Program Officer for the group’s domain and contract web crawls), managing service agreements, onboarding, and introductions to the Archive-It community of partners. She brings experience from Chronicle Books and now looks forward to reconnecting with libraries and research institutions, having worked previously in circulation and development at the UC Santa Cruz Libraries. Madeline earned her BA in the History of Art and Visual Culture from UCSC. She grew up in the Bay Area and it’s unlikely that she will ever leave. In her free time, you can find her exploring and camping along the California coast with her sweet but stubborn basset hound named Bonnie.