Products and Services

The Archive-It team maintains several web archiving products and services. Learn more about each by consulting the short introductions below, and always reach out directly to us when we can assist.  Questions?  Check out our FAQ page for more info. 

Archive-It Pro one-sheet    

Archive-It Pro

Our flagship, full-featured web archiving service used by over 700 organizations worldwide.


Archive-It Basic

A simplified, low-cost version of our service for basic web archiving or under-resourced organizations.


Redirection Service

Send visitors to archived versions of webpages no longer on your website.


Waybackfill Service

Add past archived webpages to your more recent web collections.


Web Snapshot Service

Make one-time archives of your chosen web properties.



Store, manage, and preserve digital collections with Vault, a flexible and customizable digital repository and preservation solution designed for libraries, heritage and arts organizations, publishers, researchers, and individuals.