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Human Rights

Collected by: Columbia University Libraries

Archived since: May, 2008


An initiative of CUL's Center for Human Rights Documentation and Research, the Human Rights Web Archive is an effort to preserve and ensure access to freely available human rights resources created mainly by non-governmental organizations, national human rights institutions, and individuals.

Subject:   Society & Culture Human rights Non-governmental organizations Human rights workers National human rights institutions Web archives

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Title: Amigos de las Mujeres de Juarez


Description: Mexico-focused human rights organization based in the U.S. The organization is "working toward ending crimes against women in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua City and providing financial, logistical, and emotional support to the families of the Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua City serial-killing."

Captured 13 times between May 14, 2009 and Dec 02, 2012

Videos: 5 Videos Captured

Subject:   Women's rights Women--Crimes against,  Murder victims

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