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University of Minnesota. Interdisciplinary Research and Education.

Collected by: University of Minnesota

Archived since: Aug, 2008


The University of Minnesota has a long-standing and extensive commitment to interdisciplinary activity, as reflected in its research centers, academic programs, and vast number of faculty and students engaged in interdisciplinary inquiry. It ranges in form from collaborative teams, particularly in scientific and technological fields, who bring to their work insights from multiple disciplines, to individual scholars whose work crosses the boundaries between disciplines. A recent inventory identified more than 300 interdisciplinary research centers at the University. Among the dozens of interdisciplinary academic programs, there are examples of newly emerging fields of study as well as ones that have reached a level of intellectual maturity associated with the formation of new disciplines, from Gender Studies to Neurosciences. Innovative new approaches will raise the bar for University of Minnesota interdisciplinary endeavors, allowing the University to help solve the complex issues of the 21st century.

Subject:   Universities & Libraries

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