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Latin American and Caribbean Contemporary Art

Collected by: Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation

Archived since: Jan, 2019


The Latin American and Caribbean Contemporary Art Web Archive is a collection developed by the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation's Art & Architecture Librarians, and is an extension of an existing effort focused on collecting publications in all formats that document contemporary art and artists of Latin America and the Caribbean. The agreement defines contemporary art as it refers to 'developments in the visual arts from 1975 to the present,' with material sought 'for the entire career of artists who have been active at any time since 1975.' This archive aims to preserve for researchers the personal and official websites belonging to notable contemporary Latin American and Caribbean artists, artists’ collectives, artists’ groups, galleries, museums, and related entities in order to assure the continuing availability of the important content they contain.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Art, Caribbean Art, Latin American Artists

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Title: Cesar Cornejo


Description: Cesar Cornejo, born in 1966, studied at Universidad Ricardo Palma and Tokyo University of the Arts, and has lived in Peru, England, and the United States.

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Subject:   Cornejo, Cesar

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