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Virginia Organization Web Archive

Collected by: Library of Virginia

Archived since: Sep, 2008


In addition to the papers of individuals, families, businesses, churches, and other entities, the Private Papers section of the Library of Virginia also collects materials from Virginia organizations. Hoping to capture the online presence as well as the more traditional records of these groups, the Library has begun the process of archiving Web sites of organizations that are already represented in our collection. These include social, civic, service, cultural, and other groups that may be either entirely Virginia-based, or the Virginia branches of larger organizations.

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Title: Potomac Conservancy


Description: The Potomac Conservancy protects the health, beauty, and enjoyment of the Potomac River and its tributaries. The Conservancy's primary focus is protection of water quality through land protection and sound land use practices. Because clean water alone is not enough, the Conservancy also works to preserve and restore the Potomac's scenic landscapes, and to enhance river-based recreational opportunities.

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Subject:   Potomac River Watershed. Ecosystem management - Virginia - Potomac River. Landscape protection. Stream conservation - Virginia. Water quality - Virginia. Watershed management.

Title: Richmond Jaycees >> Change Your World


Description: The Richmond Jaycees were founded on 15 May 1936 by a group of fifty men who came together as charter members. Originally known as the Richmond Junior Board of Trade, the organization was incorporated 3 September 1940. By 1945 the Richmond Chamber of Commerce suggested that the organization change its name to the Richmond Junior Chamber of Commerce in order to conform to the national organization's name. The new title of became official on 28 June 1946. The group again changed its name in 1969, to the Richmond Jaycees. Initially created as a group for young, male professionals, it would not be until after a 1984 Minnesota court case that the United States Jaycees allowed females to become members of the organization.

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Subject:   Social groups - Virginia - Richmond. Richmond Jaycees (Va.) Clubs - Virginia - Richmond. Voluntarism - Virginia - Richmond - Societies, etc.

Title: Garden Club of Virginia


Description: The Garden Club of Virginia is an active association of forty-seven garden clubs, whose members collectively form a group of more than 3,300 civic leaders from around the Commonwealth. The Garden Club of Virginia exists to celebrate the beauty of the land, to conserve the gifts of nature and to challenge future generations to build on this heritage. [Excerpt from GCV website, 2009]

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Subject:   Social groups - Virginia - Richmond. Garden Club of Virginia. Gardening - Virginia - Richmond - Societies, etc. Women - Virginia - Richmond - Societies, etc.

Title: Richmond Folk Festival


Description: Starting in 2008, the Richmond Folk Festival continues the three-year tradition established by the hugely successful National Folk Festival in Richmond, Virginia, celebrating the roots, richness, and variety of American culture through music, dance, traditional crafts, and food.

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Subject:   Richmond Folk Festival (Richmond, Va.) Art festivals. Craft festivals. Festivals - Virginia - Richmond. Folk music. Music festivals - Virginia - Richmond.

Title: SFVA [State Fair of Virginia]


Description: SFVA (State Fair of Virginia, Inc.) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization not affiliated with state government. In a world where Virginia’s open land and traditions that shaped our culture are rapidly vanishing, SFVA’s goal is to keep cherished ideals and experiences alive in the Commonwealth.

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Subject:   State Fair of Virginia. Agricultural expositions - Virginia. Fairs - Virginia.

Title: Virginia BPW Foundation


Description: The National Business and Professional Women’s Club held its first convention in St. Louis in July 1919. The same year, Dr. Orie Latham Hatcher, Cornelia Adair, Geline MacDonald Bowman, Ella Graham Agnew, Katherine Hawes, and Mrs. Beverly B. Munford called the meeting at which the Virginia Federation was formed with the clubs of Richmond, Roanoke, Lynchburg, and Danville as its charter members. Virginia was one of the earliest state federations to affiliate with the National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs. The Virginia Federation established the Virginia Business and Professional Women’s Foundation (Virginia BPW Foundation) in 1984. In 2009, due to declining membership, the Virginia Federation dissolved. The Foundation is still in existence.

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Subject:   Virginia Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs. Businesswomen - Virginia. Women - Employment - Virginia. Women - Political activity - Virginia. Women in the professions - Virginia - Societies and clubs.

Title: Virginia Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy


Description: The current Virginia Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy was formed in Lynchburg on May 20, 1903, with the merger of the UDC, First Virginia Division (formed in 1895), and the Grand Division of Virginia (formed in 1896). As of 2008, the Division counts over 2,500 members organized into six geographic districts and 82 chapters in cities and towns across the Old Dominion.

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Subject:   United Daughters of the Confederacy. Virginia Division.

Title: Virginia Forum


Description: Despite the richness, complexity, variety, and significance of Virginia history, those who study Virginia in both past and present or who benefit from and use this study have never possessed the means of meeting regularly for the discussion of shared interests. Historical professionals in most states enjoy an annual meeting or a professional organization providing a wide variety of member services. The Virginia Forum is, therefore, intended to address this discrepancy by annually bringing together historical professionals from all fields and institutional affiliations and encouraging participants to develop the networks of services characteristic of professional organizations.

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Subject:   History - Societies, etc. Forums (Discussion and debate) - Virginia.

Title: Virginia Press Women, Inc.


Description: Virginia Press Women, Inc., was founded in 1958 and incorporated in 1973. It is affiliated with the National Federation of Press Women. The organization is open to women and men who are professionals in the field of communication, working in newspapers, magazines, radio, television, schools, colleges, government, communication businesses, and a variety of organizations and associations. The purpose of the organization is to promote the highest ideals in journalism, exchange journalistic ideas, and offer continuing educational opportunities. The National Foundation of Press Women was founded in 1937 and had its first meeting at the Chicago Woman’s Club.

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Subject:   National Federation of Press Women. Virginia Press Women. Journalists - Virginia. Women journalists - Virginia. Women - Political activity - Virginia - Societies, etc.

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