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Virginia Organization Web Archive

Collected by: Library of Virginia

Archived since: Sep, 2008


In addition to the papers of individuals, families, businesses, churches, and other entities, the Private Papers section of the Library of Virginia also collects materials from Virginia organizations. Hoping to capture the online presence as well as the more traditional records of these groups, the Library has begun the process of archiving Web sites of organizations that are already represented in our collection. These include social, civic, service, cultural, and other groups that may be either entirely Virginia-based, or the Virginia branches of larger organizations.

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Title: Potomac Conservancy


Description: The Potomac Conservancy protects the health, beauty, and enjoyment of the Potomac River and its tributaries. The Conservancy's primary focus is protection of water quality through land protection and sound land use practices. Because clean water alone is not enough, the Conservancy also works to preserve and restore the Potomac's scenic landscapes, and to enhance river-based recreational opportunities.

Captured 9 times between Nov 18, 2009 and Jan 24, 2013

Subject:   Potomac River Watershed. Ecosystem management - Virginia - Potomac River. Landscape protection. Stream conservation - Virginia. Water quality - Virginia. Watershed management.

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