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Virginia Organization Web Archive

Collected by: Library of Virginia

Archived since: Sep, 2008


In addition to the papers of individuals, families, businesses, churches, and other entities, the Private Papers section of the Library of Virginia also collects materials from Virginia organizations. Hoping to capture the online presence as well as the more traditional records of these groups, the Library has begun the process of archiving Web sites of organizations that are already represented in our collection. These include social, civic, service, cultural, and other groups that may be either entirely Virginia-based, or the Virginia branches of larger organizations.

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Title: Virginia Forum


Description: Despite the richness, complexity, variety, and significance of Virginia history, those who study Virginia in both past and present or who benefit from and use this study have never possessed the means of meeting regularly for the discussion of shared interests. Historical professionals in most states enjoy an annual meeting or a professional organization providing a wide variety of member services. The Virginia Forum is, therefore, intended to address this discrepancy by annually bringing together historical professionals from all fields and institutional affiliations and encouraging participants to develop the networks of services characteristic of professional organizations.

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Subject:   History - Societies, etc. Forums (Discussion and debate) - Virginia.

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