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Alabama Regional and Local Government Agencies

Collected by: Alabama State Archives

Archived since: Nov, 2008


This collection is composed of agencies and commissions that have authority over more than one county but generally are not state wide. Most of these are either regional planning commissions or water authorities. There are also efforts that cross state lines, like the Appalachian Regional Commission covering the entire southeast, and the Historic Chattahoochee Commission that works in both Georgia and Alabama. In addition, there are some statewide efforts, such as the County Commissioners of Alabama, the Alabama League of Municipalities, Alabama Farmer's Cooperative, Alabama Coastal Foundation, and the Alabama Humanities Foundations web sites.

Subject:   Regional planning - Alabama Watersheds - Alabama Economic development - Alabama

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Title: South Alabama Regional Planning Commission Website


Description: The South Alabama Regional Planning Commission was initially organized in 1964 by local governments in Mobile County and was first known as the Mobile County Regional Planning Commission. The Commission became a tri-county region in 1968 when Baldwin County and Escambia County entered into full membership with Mobile County at which time it became the South Alabama Regional Planning Commission. It is one of twelve regional commissions in the State of Alabama as provided for in Act 1126 of the 1969 Alabama Legislature.

Captured  on Mar 30, 2009

Subject:   Regional planning - Alabama Mobile (Ala.),  Disaster recovery - Alabama ,  Economic development - Alabama

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