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Human Rights Documentation Initiative

Collected by: University of Texas at Austin Libraries, Human Rights Documentation Initiative

Archived since: Apr, 2009


The University of Texas Libraries’ Human Rights Documentation Initiative Collection features fragile websites containing human rights documentation and related content from human rights organizations and advocates across the globe. Browse collection by topic, geographic area, language or do a keyword search at

Subject:   Society & Culture Politics & Elections Blogs & Social Media

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Title: Sahrawi Association of Human Rights Victims


Description: In Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Formed in 2005, ASVDH conducts human rights work in the Western Sahara under Moroccan occupation. Moroccan authorities refuse to recognize the association and have targeted the Association’s Executive Committee and Coordinating Council, arresting, beating and generally subjecting them to harassment and maltreatment because of their membership in ASVDH. Contains news, photographs, videos, audio clips, and reports.

Captured 15 times between Apr 29, 2009 and Jan 18, 2013

Subject:   armed conflict and persecution--harassment and humiliation armed conflict and persecution--torture armed conflict and persecution--intimidation laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--prisons and prisoners advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--activists armed conflict and persecution--extrajudicial executions

Title: Human Rights for All / Les Droits de L'Homme pour Tous


Description: In French, English, Spanish, and Arabic. FIDH aims at obtaining effective improvements in the protection of victims, the prevention of human rights violations and the sanction of their perpetrators worldwide. Focuses on human rights defenders, international justice, terrorism, death penalty, women's rights, forced disppearances, globalization, migration and asylum. Site contains news on each area of focus, information on intergovernmental organizations, and copies of financial statements.

Captured 15 times between Apr 29, 2009 and Jan 18, 2013

Videos: 23 Videos Captured

Subject:   advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--non-governmental organizations armed conflict and persecution--disappearances laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--death penalty civil and political rights--elections and electoral activities civil and political rights--women's rights laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--detention laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--impunity economic, social, and cultural rights--economic and labor rights--globalization laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--asylum

Title: CNLT I Conseil National Pour Les Libertés En Tunisie I Tunisian Human Rights Politics


Description: In French, Arabic, English, Spanish. CNLT addresses issues of political freedom and civil liberties in Tunisia. Their site contains newsletters, reports, and the organization's founding documents.

Captured 3 times between Jul 29, 2009 and Jan 29, 2010

Subject:   armed conflict and persecution--torture laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--prisons and prisoners civil and political rights--freedom of the press laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--due process

Page 1 of 1 (3 Total Results)