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Human Rights Documentation Initiative

Collected by: University of Texas at Austin Libraries, Human Rights Documentation Initiative

Archived since: Apr, 2009


The University of Texas Libraries’ Human Rights Documentation Initiative Collection features fragile websites containing human rights documentation and related content from human rights organizations and advocates across the globe. Browse collection by topic, geographic area, language or do a keyword search at

Subject:   Society & Culture Politics & Elections Blogs & Social Media

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Title: Banat Akhir Zaman


Description: In English and some Arabic. Banat Akhir Zaman is a grassroots movement that seeks to achieve gender equality in Lebanon by empowering women on the personal, social, political and economic levels. Current organization initiatives include legal reform and research. The website includes general materials on both of these initiatives.

Captured 10 times between Oct 29, 2009 and Jan 31, 2012

Subject:   economic, social, and cultural rights--health and healthcare--reproductive health and pregnancy civil and political rights--women's rights civil and political rights--discrimination, gender laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--judicial reform civil and political rights--gay / lesbian / bisexual / transgender / queer rights advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--community organizing armed conflict and persecution--domestic violence economic, social, and cultural rights--health and healthcare--abortion

Title: HELEM - Lebanese Protection for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders


Description: In English. Helem leads a peaceful struggle for the liberation of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Lebanon from legal, social and cultural discrimination. Helem's primary goal is the annulment of article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code which punishes "unnatural sexual intercourse". This law is primarily used to target the LGBT community by violating the privacy of its members and by denying them basic human rights. The site contains resources on a wide variety of topics, including mental health, violence and advocacy.

Captured 13 times between Oct 29, 2009 and Jan 18, 2013

Subject:   civil and political rights--gay / lesbian / bisexual / transgender / queer rights

Title: Frontiers Ruwad


Description: In Arabic and English. Frontiers (Ruwad) is a non-profit non-governmental organization based in Lebanon and founded in 2004. Frontiers aims at enhancing and consolidating the human rights culture embodied in the International Bill of Rights and in the Lebanese Constitution on both the individual and collective levels; safeguarding and defending fundamental rights and public freedom of individuals and groups without discrimination; and seeking to be a center for building capacities in order to achieve sustainable human development. Materials are primarily publications and newsletters. This is the less active current URL of Frontiers; the more active URL ( and the inactive URL ( are also included in this archive.

Captured 2 times between Jan 31, 2012 and Jul 19, 2012

Subject:   armed conflict and persecution--refugees laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--detention laws, justice, and judicial proceedings--asylum

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