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Human Rights Documentation Initiative

Collected by: University of Texas at Austin Libraries, Human Rights Documentation Initiative

Archived since: Apr, 2009


The University of Texas Libraries’ Human Rights Documentation Initiative Collection features fragile websites containing human rights documentation and related content from human rights organizations and advocates across the globe. Browse collection by topic, geographic area, language or do a keyword search at

Subject:   Society & Culture Politics & Elections Blogs & Social Media

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Title: Sexual Minorities Uganda


Description: In English. SMUG is a coalition of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) human rights organizations. SMUG was born on March 3, 2004 to organize LGBTI groups to create one big strong LGBTI community in Uganda. The need for a coalition arose because there were several LGBT groups operating in the country lacked concrete organization and teamwork with fellow groups. SMUG would then work on behalf of its member organizations, enforcing their activities and representing them in a more organized manner. The websites contains general news articles and program news.

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Subject:   economic, social, and cultural rights--health and healthcare--AIDS/HIV civil and political rights--gay / lesbian / bisexual / transgender / queer rights advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--community organizing

Title: HURIFO!


Description: In English. Human Rights Focus (HURIFO) is a Ugandan NGO established for general human rights monitoring and assistance. HURIFO provides legal advice, litigation support, and legal training, and also produces reports, which are available on the site along with photographs and news.

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Subject:   armed conflict and persecution--internally displaced persons civil and political rights

Title: FIDA Uganda


Description: In English. Ugandan affiliate of the International Federation of Women Lawyers; established in 1974. FIDA provides legal aid legal education to defend the rights of women, and advocates for women's legal rights in Uganda. Site contains reports.

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Subject:   civil and political rights--women's rights civil and political rights--discrimination, gender advocacy, activism, and responses to persecution--legal organizations armed conflict and persecution--domestic violence economic, social, and cultural rights--health and healthcare--reproductive health

Page 1 of 1 (3 Total Results)