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Social Networking

Collected by: Eustis High School

Archived since: Dec, 2009


Myspace is one of many social networking sites that allow you to connect and socialize with friends that you know, but that you might not get to see on a regular basis. This collection of websites is very important for teens at Eustis High.

Subject:   Computers & Technology Society & Culture

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Title: MySpace.Com


Description: Myspace is a great site so people can get to know each other better with out talking over the phone or wasting minutes away or getting charge money for texting . it is a free easy to use site that you can talk to your friends from school family in other states or country or even meet new people around the world. there are tons of games and apps that allows you to keep your self busy when you have a day that you have nothing to do. this site is very important to our era and day of age beacause there are so many people that use it and its a pretty easy site to use this site allows teens to get there first step into the social word and to earn some responsablity from their parents and learn how to be good , and strong young adults and plus we learn how to make friends at that.

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