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Alabama Legislature and Appellate Courts

Collected by: Alabama State Archives

Archived since: Mar, 2010


This collection has information about the Alabama Legislature and Alabama Court System, including the Alabama Supreme Court, Alabama Court of Civil Appeals and Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals

Subject:   Government - US States Government Politics & Elections Alabama Politics and government Alabama - Government Alabama Unified Court System Alabama Appellate Courts Alabama - Judicial branch Alabama Supreme Court Alabama - Legislative branch

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Description: State of the Judiciary by Chief Justce Sue Bell Cobb

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Title: Alabama Sentencing Commission Website


Description: Pursuant to the Judicial Study Commission’s recommendations, the Alabama Legislature passed Act 2000-596, effective May 17, 2000, creating a permanent Sentencing Commission as a separate state agency under the Alabama Supreme Court. The enabling legislation for the Alabama Sentencing Commission enumerates the Commission’s responsibilities to: (1) “serve as a clearinghouse for the collection, preparation, and dissemination of information on sentencing practices;” (2) “make recommendations to the Governor, Legislature, Attorney General, and Judicial Study Commission concerning the enactment of laws relating to criminal offenses, sentencing, and correctional and probation matters,” and (3) “review the overcrowding problem in county jails, with particular emphasis on funding for the county jails and the proper removal of state prisoners from county jails pursuant to state law and state and federal court orders, and to make recommendations for resolution of these issues to the Governor, Legislature, Attorney General, and the Judicial System Study Commission

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Subject:   Sentencing (criminal) - Alabama Jail overcrowding - Alabama Aalbama Judicial Study Commission Sentencing standards - Alabama

Title: Alabama's Legal Information Network Website


Description: This website is about the Alabama legal system

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Subject:   Alabama - Judicial branch Alabama - Appellate Courts Alabama State Law Library Alalinc

Title: Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission Website


Description: The Alabama Constitution establishes the Judicial Inquiry Commission to consider, investigate and prosecute complaints of ethical misconduct and disability involving Alabama judges. Like the judicial conduct organizations in every other state, the Commission's purpose is to ensure observance of the high standards of conduct that have been set for judges, both on and off the bench. The Commission prosecutes charges in the Court of the Judiciary when it finds reasonable basis to do so after investigation. The Commission also provides advisory opinions to judges as to whether contemplated conduct might constitute a violation of the Alabama Canons of Judicial Ethics.

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Subject:   Judiciary - Alabama Judicial Misconduct - Alabama Court of the Judiciary - Alabama Legal ethics - Alabama

Title: Alabama Legislature Website


Description: This website covers the Alabama Legislature

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Subject:   Alabama - Legislative branch Alabama House of Representatives Alabama - Law and Legislation Acts of Alabama Alabama - Acts Alabama Senate

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