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Alabama State Agencies E - F

Collected by: Alabama State Archives

Archived since: Mar, 2010


This collection contains information about Alabama State Agencies beginning with E and F

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Title: Alabama School of Fine Arts


Description: The mission of the Alabama School of Fine Arts, a diverse community of explorers, is to nurture impassioned students by guiding and inspiring them to discover and fulfill their individual creative abilities in an atmosphere distinguished by the fusion of fact and feeling, risk and reward, art and science, school and society. The Alabama School of Fine Arts is a partially residential public school authorized and funded by the Alabama Legislature to provide tuition-free instruction to impassioned students, grades 7-12. The school provides focused specialty instruction in Creative Writing, Dance, Mathematics and Science, Music, Theatre Arts and Visual Arts, plus core academic courses necessary to earn an Alabama high school diploma. The school operates under its own enabling legislation, policies and procedures, guided by a state-appointed Board of Trustees, under whom serves a staff of more than 100 full and part- time administrators, teachers and support workers. Alabama students pay a small semester matriculation fee, but no tuition. Students from outside Alabama pay tuition, which the school sets annually. Residential students pay room and board costs, set annually. ASFA strongly emphasizes performance and learning. The dual requirements of specialty and core academic courses result in a school day typically beginning at 7:55 a.m. and ending at 4:40 p.m. or later. Although studious, the school’s atmosphere is in no way stiff or severe. Faculty, staff and students value freedom within the bounds of mutually respectful relationships and behavior, subject to rules discussed in the Student Handbook and Residential Life supplement.

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