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LA ENERGAIA: Energy Policy, Regulation and Dialog in Latin America

Collected by: University of New Mexico

Archived since: May, 2010


This archive is part of a University of New Mexico project that uses innovative technological solutions to build an easy to use knowledge base on energy policy and dialogue in Latin America for educational and policy-oriented research interests in the United States, Latin America, and the world.

Subject:   Government Science & Health Computers & Technology

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Title: The State Against the Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador and Bolivia


Description: This article looks at the tense relationship developing between the leftists governments of Rafael Correra in Ecuador and Evo Morales in Bolivia and civil society organizations in the Andes region. These civil society organizations, many of them based in indigenous communities, are demanding that the state make changes to the national development models based upon mineral extraction and to provide increased opportunities for the participation of the citizenry in the formulation of state policy. Article in Spanish.

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Subject:   Indigenous Mines Bolivia NGO Mineral Mining,  Civil Society ,  Policy Ecuador Social Movement State Mobilization Relations

Title: Movements State Movements


Description: This article discusses the often contentious relationships that exist between social movements and progressive (or leftist) governments in Latin America. Focusing especially on the cases of Bolivia and Ecuador, the author looks at how the relationship between social movements and leftist governments changed in the region once the leftist government took power and began to operate with state interests in mind. Article in Spanish.

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Subject:   Indigenous Bolivia NGO Ecuador Social Movement Policy Government,  Civil Society ,  State Citizen Mobilization Development Model Relations Democracy

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