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LA ENERGAIA: Energy Policy, Regulation and Dialog in Latin America

Collected by: University of New Mexico

Archived since: May, 2010


This archive is part of a University of New Mexico project that uses innovative technological solutions to build an easy to use knowledge base on energy policy and dialogue in Latin America for educational and policy-oriented research interests in the United States, Latin America, and the world.

Subject:   Government Science & Health Computers & Technology

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Title: The Community of Latin American and Caribbean Biofuels Will Expand and Accelerate the IIRSA


Description: This article discusses the ongoing efforts of Latin American and Caribbean governments to work together to promote the development of renewable and nonrenewable energy sources through new investments, geographical integration, physical infrastructure, and technology transfer in the region. Article in Spanish.

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Subject:   Solar Biomass Hydroelectric Wind Renewable Megaproject Biofuel Climate Agreement Geothermal Sustainable Environment Peru Water Summit of Latin American and Caribbean Integration and Development (CALC) Sun Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA) Latin American and Caribbean Initiative for Sustainable Development (ILAC) Conservation Policy Fund for Technical Cooperation for Initiatives for Infrastructure Integration (FIRII) Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) National Waterways Development Plan (NHRP) Network of Waterways Amazon

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