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LA ENERGAIA: Energy Policy, Regulation and Dialog in Latin America

Collected by: University of New Mexico

Archived since: May, 2010


This archive is part of a University of New Mexico project that uses innovative technological solutions to build an easy to use knowledge base on energy policy and dialogue in Latin America for educational and policy-oriented research interests in the United States, Latin America, and the world.

Subject:   Government Science & Health Computers & Technology

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Title: La RENACE y la Energía Nuclear


Description: This article presents the position of the RENACE (the National Ecological Action Network of Argentina) as put forward at its meeting (Assembly No. XXXIV) which was held in Saladillo, Argentina from April 2-3, 2011. In its statement, RENACE staunchly opposes the use of nuclear power and demands an open, public debate on energy issues. It condemns nuclear power as unsafe, expensive, and bad for the environment for Argentina and Latin America more broadly. Article in Spanish.

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Subject:   Power Nuclear Argentina Uranium Environment RENACE Policy Radiation Waste Consumption

Title: A Supreme Ban


Description: This article discusses a legal ruling rendered by the Superior Court of Justice of Neuquén, Argentina on Setpember 28, 2009 in the case of a territorial dispute concerning the rights of Mapuche peoples to consultation versus the rights of mining companies. The court upheld an earlier decision by a lower court that declared that mining operations must be halted until such a time as the indigenous community is consulted and its concerns addressed. Article in Spanish.

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Subject:   Indigenous Mines Argentina Mapuche Mineral Mining Legal Judicial Court Resolution 6941 Decision Rights Consultation

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