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LA ENERGAIA: Energy Policy, Regulation and Dialog in Latin America

Collected by: University of New Mexico

Archived since: May, 2010


This archive is part of a University of New Mexico project that uses innovative technological solutions to build an easy to use knowledge base on energy policy and dialogue in Latin America for educational and policy-oriented research interests in the United States, Latin America, and the world.

Subject:   Government Science & Health Computers & Technology

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Title: Statement by Kichwa Village Rukullakta: Enough of the Extractive Policy in Amazonian Ecuador


Description: This article is a statement from the Village Council of Rukullakta, a Kichwa village in the province of Napo in Ecuador. The statement denounces the activities of oil company Ivanhoe Energy Ecuador Inc. and calls for collective resistance to Ivanhoe operations in the region. Article in Spanish.

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Subject:   Indigenous Oil Amazon Kichwa Quechua Quichua Ecuador,  Ivanhoe Energy Ecuador

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