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North Carolina State Government Web Site Archive

Collected by: North Carolina State Archives and State Library of North Carolina

Archived since: Sep, 2005


The North Carolina State Government Web Site Archives contains content from the Web sites of North Carolina State Government Agencies, Occupational Licensing Boards, and Commissions. This collection includes many different types of records, in a variety of file formats (such as text-based information, images, and video and audio files) including meeting minutes, policies, and agency publications. The State Library of North Carolina and the North Carolina State Archives have collaborated on this initiative to identify, capture, and make accessible state government information.

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Title: North Carolina Utilities Commission Web page layout


Description: Web site for the North Carolina Utilities Commission, which is responsible to both the public and utilities and, by law (G. S. 62-2), must regulate in a manner designed to implement the policy of the State of North Carolina to: 1. Provide fair regulation of public utilities in the interest of the public. 2. Promote the inherent advantage of regulated public utilities. 3. Promote adequate, reliable, and economical utility service. 4. Promote least cost energy planning. 5. Provide just and reasonable rates and charges for public utility services and promote conservation of energy. 6. Assure that facilities necessary to meet future growth can be financed on reasonable and fair terms. 7. Encourage and promote harmony between utility companies and their customers. 8. Foster planned growth of public utility services. 9. Coordinate energy supply facilities with the state's development. 10. Cooperate with other states and the federal government in providing interstate and intrastate public utility service and reliability of energy supply. 11. Facilitate the construction of facilities in and the extension of natural gas service to unserved areas.

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