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War in Ukraine

Collected by: International Internet Preservation Consortium

Archived since: Jul, 2022


On 23 February 2022, the armed forces of the Russian Federation invaded the territory of Ukraine, annexing certain regions and cities and carrying out a series of military strikes throughout the country, thus triggering a war in Ukraine. Since then, the clashes between the Russian military and the Ukrainian army and population have had an unprecedented impact on the situation in the region and on international relations. This collection aims to collect web content related to this event in order to map the impact of this conflict on digital history and culture. Identification of seed websites and initial web crawling began in July 2022, and the collection will continue to add new content as the conflict evolves. High priority subtopics include: general information on military confrontations; consequences of the war on the civilian population; refugee crisis and international relief efforts; political consequences; international relations; diaspora communities--Ukrainians around the world; human rights organisations; foreign embassies and diplomatic relations; sanctions imposed on Russia by foreign powers; consequences on energy and agri-food trade; and public opinion (blogs/protest sites/activists). Websites from all over the world and in all languages are in scope.

Subject:   Spontaneous Events Ukraine--History--Russian invasion, 2022-

There is no public content available for this Collection yet. Please check back soon!