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Life in Mount Dora, Florida

Collected by: Mount Dora High School

Archived since: Nov, 2010


Tourists flourish around Mount Dora Downtown in the Winter. We have crazy shops and fun restraurants. Pizzamore is the best in my opinion of all the captivating food places. It is owned by an industrious family, that loves to be social with you. Everytime you go there, they relish you. Their food includes pizza, subs, salads, and palatable desserts. Whenever Im in downtown Mount Dora with my friends, I always rapture a visit to this lovely small town restaurant.

Subject:   Society & Culture The Best of Downtown Mt. Dora

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Title: Cottage Rental Bella Dora Bungalow - Mount Dora, FL


Description: Quaint, and popular home for rent in charming Mount Dora.

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Title: Walt Disney World


Description: There are many fun and entertaining things in Mount Dora. My favorite, however, is Walt Disney World. They have so many things to do there. It's a very common tourist destination and if you have the opportune to go, take it! The park is bright and cheerful. They also have many rides to choose from. Though the waiting lines move gradually, the wait is worth it. I've been to Disney in previous years and I loved it. Anywhere from rocking roller coasters, to family themed rides, to splashing water rides, this park has it all. The shows are quite captivating as well. Everyone loves Walt Disney World including children and adults. Disney holds many memories for some, so Disney will always have a palce in someone's heart.

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Title: Mount Dora Library


Description: The Mount Dora Library is very important, not only to the community, but to many teens at Mount Dora High. They offer use of the computers, they have many young adult titles, and its location is convenient...just downtown!

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Title: Where is Mt. Dora


Description: The small but fun town of Mt. Dora is located in Central Florida where all the exciting attractions are. Mt. Dora has many palatable restaurants and you relish taking a trip here. The rapturous amusement parks of Orlando are just minutes away from this beautiful town. Disney, Universal, Wet n’ Wild, and Fun Spot are all within driving distance of Mt. Dora, Florida. If you ever incur on Mt. Dora and don’t stop and look around, then you will be remorseful that you didn’t for Mt. Dora is an astonishing town.

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Title: Town of Mount dora


Description: Mount Dora,Florida is a very unique,rural,town. Some of the ways we are unique is the stores,restaurants, and Lake Dora. The stores are nice little shops in downtown. Some of the best stores to go to are the candy store and gun store. Another great thing about Mt. Dora is the food . The food in Mt. Dora is vers palatable and at a good price. The best place to eat is at Mt. Dora Sushi. Mt. Dora Sushi has a variety of sushi rolls and even steaks. After ,if you want desert, a good place is High Five it has frozen yogurt. Another common spot to stop by is the lake. The lake was nicer previous years now thier is some pollution along the edge but, is still a very nice seneary at the little light house. Overall Mount Dora is a little layed back town that can be fun.

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Title: Light-up Mt. Dora


Description: Light-Up Mt. Dora is a community happening most people rapture going to. Light up Mt. Dora is when the turn on all the christmas lights in Mt. Dora during the winter season. People exult when they see all the twinkling lights in the trees and bushes. The scenery is so captivating it is a great diversion from work, school, or things you want to take your mind off.

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Description: The Icehouse Theater trys to make you comfortable and relaxed while watching an entertainment filled with music and laughter! At The Ichouse Theater they work very hard to make the show the best it could be! Also, their youth theater is very friendly and welcomes anyone into their program. They play many games to get to know each other and do original shows so that the audience doesn't get bored! The Icehouse is a great experience and is the best theater around!

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Description: Mount Dora, Florida is a very captivating city with many uncommon stores, palatable restaurants and beautiful lakes. Downtown, just a few blocks away from the high school, you will find many diverse restaurants. From Italian, to Mexican, we have it all, and the food is delicious: the chefs' work is commendable! Some of the most popular are: Pizzamore, Fiesta Grande, and The Frosty Mug. After you catch something to eat you will want to walk around and visit some of the very accessible shops. Mount Dora is home to modern stores with cute cloths and jewelry like "Gold in Art". There are also a plethora of antique shops where you can find precious pieces of old furniture. My personal favorite store is "Cupcake Delights". Here, you will find an abundance of more than appetizing cupcakes of all colors and flavors! Lastly, Mount Dora is known for its lovely scenery, especially its lakes. Within a couple short blocks of the diversion of the shops and restaurants we have a beautiful lake, Lake Dora. When visiting the lake you will find it is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the weather as you sit by the lighthouse watching the sunset. These are just a few of the interesting a diverse places to see in Mount Dora.

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Subject:   Te best of downtown Mt. Dora- stores, restaurants, lakes.


Description: The city of Myt.Dora is a little town northwest of central Florida that many people dont know about. Throughout the yearthere are some entertaining festivals that you can relish. During the summer there is the Mt.Dora Art Festival that thousands of people around the United States come to and there are also car shows and a few other festivalsyou can enjoy. During Christmas time they have a huge display of lights throughout the town called light up Mt.Dora where many people gather around and activities and can take carriage rides as they social. The little town of Mt.Dora Florida also has many restuarants that are captivating such as sidelines where the best pizza and hamburgers in town are made. Throughout Donnelly and Lincoln St. and 5th Ave. in Mt.Dora there are many small stores that you can visit as your driving down the road such as Cupcake Delights and the antique stores. While walking through Mt.Dora you can also start to exult as you smell the wonderful orange groves all around. Mt.Dora is also about 45 minutes away from Disney, Seaworld, and Universal three of the most popular attractions. Next time you're in Florida come visit our beautiful diverse town of Mt.Dora.

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Title: Cupcake Delights


Description: Downtown Mount Dora is home to some of the most censurable food shops in Lake County. One of the most creditable of all is a little place called Cupcake Delights. At Cupcake Delights there is a big neon green and pink sign with the words "Cupcake Delights" written fancy and curled right over the front door. When you walk inside you can see all the different kinds of cupcakes; Mount Doraa mint, key lime delight,banana split , or just a regular chocolate or vanilla cupcake.

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Title: The Best of Mt.Dora


Description: When you are looking for a time when you can be diverted from the rest of the world,there is only one feasible place to go,Mt.Dora! Here we have the best food, shopping, and lakes Florida has to offer. the restaurants will serve your palate well, and the things you can do on the water are never ending. Especially Lake Harris, where there is quite commendable fishing and/or boating. Your credibility will definitely rise when you tell all your friends to come to the world famous Mt.Dora Art Festival where the best arts and crafts are displayed.Included are other raptourous things like concerts.So dont miss out on the wonderful sounds, exciting sights, and captivating colors here in Mt.Dora!

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Description: Houses with green perfectly cut grass, white picket fences and a family of four with one cat and one dog is something you would find in Beverly Hills, not in Mount Dora Florida. Neighborhoods in Mount Dora are uncommon. Taking a drive through this captivating and charming little town, relishing in the beautiful landscapes, the face that there is not a single house that looks like another is astonishing. Some have front porches while others have spacious backyards. Many have beautifully kept gardens while the neighbor has a box-like two story modern house. With this city being well over 100 years old, many houses look very vintage to this day. With this city having perfect weather, unique houses and congenial residents, the only thing that makes it better seasonally, is the rapturous smell of the orange groves flourishing by Liimit Avenue. <3 It's good to live in Mount Dora!

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Title: SeaWorld Home


Description: Sea World is a wonderful water/theme park that many go to for fun and excitement. It offers many chances to interact with the animals.

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Title: What to do in Mt.Dora


Description: Mt.Dora is a small town in Central Florida. Where the sights are captivating, and where everyone lives in accord. There are quite a few things to do, you can take up a whole day going to vist the theme parks in Orlando such as Disney World, Universal Studios, or Wet-n-Wild. All three parks are rapturous! Disney World is fun for the whole family with characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy & Donald Duck. Universal is full of action packed rides with some famous superhero's like The Hulk & Spiderman just to name a few. Than to cool off, Wet-n-Wild is the place to go! It's an enjoyable park for the family on a hot summer day. All in all Mt.Dora is small town with a fine selection of things to do that i know people will relish

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