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Circumpolar Collection

Collected by: University of Alberta

Archived since: Mar, 2011


Publications and websites of interest to circumpolar studies.

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Title: Meddelelser om Grønland. Geoscience


Description: Geoscience presents publications that contribute significantly to studies in Greenland concerning human beings, such as anthropology, archaeology, arts, economics, education, ethnology, history, law, linguistics, medicine, psychology, religion, and social sciences. Geoscience is a subseries of Monographs on Greenland | Meddelelser om Grønland (ISSN 0025 6676) - more information at

Captured 3 times between Jan 06, 2012 and Jan 06, 2013

Subject:   Arctic studies,  Geology ,  Geochemistry Mineralogy Greenland

Page 1 of 1 (1 Total Results)