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Governor Timothy Kaine Administration Collection, 2006-2010

Collected by: Library of Virginia

Archived since: Feb, 2006


The Web archive of the Administration of Governor Tim Kaine (2006-2010) contains archived versions of Web sites for the Governor’s Office, his initiative sites, and the sites of his cabinet secretaries. Also included are the related sites for the First Lady (Anne Holton), as well as the Lt. Governor (Bill Bolling), and Attorney General (Bob McDonnell and William C. Mims), two statewide officials elected in the same cycle as Governor Kaine.

Subject:   Government - US States Kaine, Timothy M. Virginia. Governor (2006-2010 : Kaine)

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Title: Virginia [Secretary of] Commerce and Trade


Description: The Secretary of Commerce and Trade oversees the economic, community, and workforce development of the Commonwealth. Each of the 13 Commerce and Trade agencies actively contributes to the Commonwealth's economic strength and high quality of life.

Captured 39 times between Feb 09, 2006 and Jan 15, 2010

Subject:   Kaine, Timothy M. Virginia. Governor (2006-2010 : Kaine) Gottschalk , Patrick O.,  Virginia. Secretary of Commerce and Trade.

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