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Government Information Collection

Collected by: University of Alberta

Archived since: Oct, 2011


A collection of government web content. Terms of use information for Government of Alberta material is available at and Government of Canada material is available at

Subject:   Government

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Title: Alberta Employment and Immigration


Description: The Ministry’s major responsibilities related to employment are: developing and delivering policies, programs and services to promote labour force development; helping Albertans train for, find and keep employment; providing financial and health benefits, child support services and employment training support to Albertans in need; ensuring Alberta’s workplaces are safe, healthy, fair, and productive for employees and employers; providing leadership for interprovincial labour mobility policy for the Government of Alberta.

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Subject:   vocational guidance income security immigration workplace safety labour markets benefits child support homelessness housing salaries employment opportunities vocational training,  labour relations

Title: Alberta Human Services


Description: Human Services is responsible for programs and services related to: Child and Youth; Employment and Immigration; and Homeless Supports.

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Subject:   children employment immigration social policy disabilities family violence homelessness vocational guidance youth child care child safety child custody occupational health workplace safety,  labour relations

Title: Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal (CAPPRT)


Description: The Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal (CAPPRT) was created in 1993, and came into full operation in May 1995. Since then, CAPPRT has been fully committed to fulfilling its objective: to contribute to Canada's cultural community by encouraging constructive professional relations between artists and producers in the federal jurisdiction. While working toward this objective, CAPPRT has been a model small agency and a contributor to the administrative tribunal and small agency communities.

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Subject:   artists producers,  labour relations

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