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Michigan Government Web Collection

Collected by: Library of Michigan

Archived since: Dec, 2006


This collection contains web pages created by Michigan government agencies from the executive, legislative and judicial branches since December 2006. Archived pages of State of Michigan websites dating prior to December 2006 are available via the Wayback Machine ( Suggested URLs to search include: Material available in this collection may be copyrighted or have other restrictions on its use. Please contact the authoring government agency if you have questions about the uses of this material. This collection contains the material that was available online at the moment it was captured. As a result, this content may not accurately reflect current information (such as policies, rules, forms, laws, etc.). Please contact the appropriate Michigan government agency for current information. Note: Please be aware that due to technical issues certain links in the Michigan Courts collection may take the user to active web pages. A yellow banner at the top of the page will identify archived pages. Note:</b> The search feature in the Michigan Legislature collection does not function. Links to other pages and documents in the collection do work. Copies of bills are not included in this collection. <P> <b>Note:</b> The keyword search capability for this collection is minimal. Users are encouraged to access information via URL (see incomplete list below). Primary URLs in this collection include: <UL> <LI>Executive Branch: <LI>Legislative Branch: <LI>Judicial Branch: </ul>

Subject:   Government - US States Government Judicial Branch Legislative Branch State of Michigan Executive Branch

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