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Tamiment-Wagner: Anarchism

Collected by: New York University

Archived since: Oct, 2015


Contains periodically archived websites of entities that identify with / are inspired by anarchist ideas, with a concentration on contemporary anarchism, in particular New York based anarchism. Anarchism (sometimes called Libertarianism) for the purposes of this archive, is understood as the ideal of a society composed of freely associating individuals, lacking a traditional state apparatus or other structures of domination that can compel obedience, and which share the Marxian advocacy of ending private ownership of the means of production. Syndicalism, which advocates that governing power be invested in an association of labor unions, is a related doctrine. For technical, privacy and other reasons, archived websites may not be exact copies of the original website at the time of the web crawl.

There is no public content available for this Collection yet. Please check back soon!