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Tamiment-Wagner: Communism, Socialism, Trotskyism

Collected by: New York University

Archived since: Oct, 2015


Contains periodically archived websites of (principally) Marxian inspired entities, including political parties, that identify with or are inspired by Communist, Socialist, or Trotskyist perspectives. While the focus is on the U.S., selected international sites, especially those documenting the history of these movements, are also archived. Classic Marxian doctrine advocates collective ownership of the means of production, to be achieved by the political struggle of the working class via political parties and labor unions, and the eventual withering away of the state. For the purposes of this archive, Communist organizations are understood as those that supported or now align themselves with the ideology and politics of the former Soviet Union and the associated international Communist movement that arose in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution of 1917; Trotskyist organizations are those rooted in Leon Trotsky's critique of the Soviet Union, which he helped to found; Socialist organizations, including social democratic organizations (progressive organizations with socialism as an ultimate, if distant goal), include those rooted in the pre-1917 socialist movement, and generally reject the Communist ideal of a one-party state. For technical, privacy and other reasons, archived websites may not be exact copies of the original website at the time of the web crawl.

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