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Closure Crawl

Collected by: Greenpeace España

Archived since: Sep, 2017


It all began in 1982, despite the organization being legal the first Greenpeace action took place in Spain. On board of a small fishing boat, a group of activists prevented the dumping of radioactive drums from a Dutch merchant ship 500 kilometers off the Galician coast. The Dutch government stopped the dumping of nuclear waste into the sea. In the summer of 1978 and 1980 the Rainbow Warrior confronted the whaling fleet that still remained in Spain. Greenpeace was intending to prevent the capture of whales and in 1985 our country finally abandoned whaling. In 1984 Greenpeace Spain was officially born hosting a small office in the center of Madrid. We have now been active for over 30 years and we have had some significant environmental victories. Among our main achievements is the closure of the Zorita nuclear power plant, the prohibition of fishing with driftnets, the Kyoto protocol, the prohibition of antipersonnel mines and cluster bombs, which makes Spain as one of the three countries in that aspect. We actively promote the use of renewables and a conscious awakening to act against climate change and the protection of the Arctic and the closure of the illegal hotel Algarrobico.

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