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URL: http://

Collection: Flood of 2008 Collection

Organization: University of Iowa Libraries

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Title: Drug Policy Alliance: Alternatives to Marijuana Prohibition and the Drug War


Collection: Drug Policy Archive

Organization: John Gilmore

Captured 26 times between Jun 06, 2007 and Oct 16, 2012

Videos: 7 Videos Captured

URL: english/home.asp

Collection: Migration and Refugee Studies

Organization: American University in Cairo

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Title: Corporation Commission - Dockets


Collection: Corporation Commission, Oklahoma

Organization: Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Captured  on Aug 16, 2012

Title: Centers, Institutes and Resources

URL: http:///

Collection: Bucknell University Website Archive

Organization: Bucknell University

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Subject:   Education, Higher--Activity programs; Student activities; Writing centers; Continuing education; Community and college

Title: State Representative Rashida H. Tlaib


Collection: Arab American Politicians, Artists and Organizations

Organization: Arab American National Museum

Captured 4 times between Feb 29, 2012 and Nov 29, 2012

Title: Firefighters gain ground against Texas wildfire (AP) « Facts about debts consolidation


Collection: Texas Wild fire 2011

Organization: Virginia Tech: Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network

Captured 6 times between Sep 10, 2011 and Sep 15, 2011

Title: Egypt Remembers, مصر تتذكر


Collection: Egypt Revolution and Politics

Organization: American University in Cairo

Captured 18 times between Feb 11, 2011 and Dec 14, 2011

Videos: 2 Videos Captured

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