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Collected by: University of South Florida School of Information

Archived since: Jul, 2011


A blog about lace and needlework. Documents lace works and patterns.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities,  Blogs & Social Media ,  tatter lace tatted,  blog ,  tatting

Williams Alternative Website

Collected by: Williams College

Archived since: Mar, 2016


Williams Alternative is a student run online news blog/ newspaper at Williams College, which features faculty, student, and alumni articles.. Their mission statement: The Williams Alternative seeks to foster frank and open discussion, polite disagreement, humor, and intellectual liveliness within our campus culture.It is our belief that an excess of social politicization at Williams has led to a state of hypersensitive political correctness and intellectual conformity that stifles individual expression, excludes satire, allows for wild exaggeration, and creates unnecessary tension among different members of the student body.We are not aligned with any political, religious, or social organization. We contain international students, students of color, queer students, straight students, liberals, conservatives, athletes, non-athletes, atheists, agnostics, and religious members.What unites us, apart from our shared humanity, is the common belief that everyone here should feel comfortable putting forward his or her intellectual viewpoint and creative output without fear of reprisal. Only within this framework is genuine diversity possible.

Subject:   Blogs & Social Media ,  Universities & Libraries Society & Culture,  Blog ,  Newspaper Williams College Students Satire

Page 1 of 1 (2 Total Results)