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2014 Scottish Independence Referendum

Collected by: University of North Carolina

Archived since: Sep, 2014


This is a collection about the Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014

Subject:   Politics & Elections ,  Government - Counties Society & Culture Elections,  Politics ,  Scotland United Kingdom European Union

Archive of Political Parties and Elections in Latin America, APPELA

Collected by: The University of Texas at Austin, LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections

Archived since: Sep, 2005


The Archive of Political Parties and Elections in Latin America (APPELA) seeks to preserve and facilitate access to Web sites, documents, and other materials from a wide range of Latin American political parties. The Archive contains copies of the Web sites of over 100 political parties captured on multiple dates in 2005.

Subject:   Politics & Elections ,  Politics

Cuba in the News

Collected by: University of North Carolina

Archived since: Sep, 2013


The updates from these news media sources range in topic and subject matter. They include but are not limited to the subjects of Cuban politics, government policy, economic status, international activity, as well as sports, culture, and various observed social phenomena.

Subject:   Government - National,  Politics & Elections ,  Society & Culture Cuba,  Politics ,  Sports Current Events Culture Caribbean Island News Republic of Cuba Online Press Economy Society

Myanmar General Election 2015

Collected by: National Library of Australia

Archived since: Sep, 2015

No description.

Subject:   Politics & Elections ,  Government Blogs & Social Media,  Politics ,  Government Election Political parties Social media

North Korean government websites

Collected by: National Library of Australia

Archived since: Mar, 2014


Websites of selected government agencies.

Subject:   Government,  Politics & Elections ,  Society & Culture North Korea Government,  Politics

Occupy Movement 2011/2012

Collected by: Internet Archive Global Events

Archived since: Nov, 2011


This collection documents and aggregates information related to the Occupy Movement starting in the Autumn of 2011 and continuing in 2012. In September of 2011, a demonstration was held in New York City, calling itself Occupy Wall Street. This demonstration inspired similar protests and demonstrations around the world calling for social and economic equality, which are collectively now referred to as the Occupy Movement.

Subject:   Spontaneous Events Society & Culture,  Politics & Elections ,  occupy movement activism,  politics

PACTE-FJP French Medias during the 2007 Presidential Election Campaign

Collected by: Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Grenoble - PACTE

Archived since: Jan, 2007


Collection of websites of medias (press, TV), specially dedicated to the Presidential Election

Subject:   Politics & Elections ,  politics

Scottish Politics

Collected by: National Library of Scotland

Archived since: Jan, 2012


The collection archives websites of Scottish politics within Scotland.

Subject:   Politics & Elections ,  Government Scotland,  Politics

Page 1 of 1 (8 Total Results)