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Title: Interactive Fiction Database


Collection: Electronic Literature: Collections of Works

Organization: Electronic Literature Organization

Description: A community site devoted to interactive fiction. Registration enables users to recommend, rate, and review downloadable games both freely and commercially available. Members retain their copyright of anything they wish to upload, under a Creative Commons licence (Attribution 3.0). Game details appear along with descriptive tags, and these can be used to search for other games that can be similarly described. IFDB is a collaborative place for sharing games and also for getting person-to-person recommendations. When this description was written, the database included 3084 game listings, 293 registered members and 262 member reviews. Entry drafted by: Patricia Tomaszek

Captured 14 times between Jul 09, 2009 and Nov 10, 2012

Videos: 24 Videos Captured

Subject:   community interactive fiction games,  wiki

Page 1 of 1 (1 Total Results)