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Title: Critical Race Initiative


Collection: University of Maryland

Organization: University of Maryland

Description: Archived website of The Critical Race Initiative (CRI), a research group of "scholars who center critical race theory (CRT) as an important framework by which to understand inequality in society," based in the University of Maryland Department of Sociology ("About,", archived August 18, 2018). CRI's stated aims are to "Form a collective wisdom about critical race theory and its analytic focus; Shift the discourse past the Black/White narrative to highlight processes and mechanisms of racial inequality that affect all racial/ethnic minorities; Focus on race as a set of experiences, racialized identities, and social processes that are mutually facilitated by individual, social/cultural, and institutional conditions; Transform victimization into empowerment; Foster racial uplift activism through scholarship, teaching, community-based participatory research, and social policy; Draw upon core strengths of faculty and students in the Department of Sociology, BSOS, and UMD" ("About,", archived August 18, 2018). The CRI website includes information about its purpose, events, reflections on the 2016 United States presidential election, and the annual Parren Mitchell Symposium.

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Subject:   University of Maryland, College Park. Department of Sociology -- Web archives

Page 1 of 1 (1 Total Results)