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Internet Archive Global Events

Archive-It Partner Since: Feb, 2006

Organization Type: Other Institutions

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These collections of global events have been created by the Archive-It team in conjunction with curators and subject matter experts from institutions around the world.

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2012 Russian Presidential Election

Archived since: Jan, 2012


This is a collection on the events leading up to the 2012 Russian Elections. Thanks to the State Historical Public Library in Moscow for helping to curate this collection.

Subject:   Spontaneous Events Politics & Elections,  Government

End of Term 2016 Press

Archived since: Dec, 2016


This is a collection of press articles about the End of Term 2016 project. End of Term is a collaborative project to preserve public United States Government web sites at the end of the current presidential administration ending January 20, 2017.

Subject:   Government ,  Politics & Elections Computers & Technology Web archiving,  Government

North Africa & the Middle East 2011-2013

Archived since: Jan, 2011


This collection documents the events in Northern Africa and the Middle East starting in January 2011. Content includes blogs, social media and news sites about Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Sudan and other countries. Countries separated by site groups (scroll down the page to see all of them). Archived content is in Arabic, English, and French.

Subject:   Spontaneous Events,  Government ,  Blogs & Social Media North Africa Middle East blogs social media

Ukraine Conflict

Archived since: Feb, 2014


This collection seeks to document conflict in Ukraine. Contributions to this collection were made by the Archive-It team and subject matter experts from Stanford University, Library of Congress, Global Investigative News Network, and Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute in the fields of Investigative Journalism, Russian, and Eurasian studies. Content includes news outlets, social media, blogs, and government websites. Sites are in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and other languages.

Subject:   Government ,  Spontaneous Events

Page 1 of 1 (4 Total Results)