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Ivy Plus Libraries

Archive-It Partner Since: Jul, 2013

Organization Type: Colleges & Universities

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The Ivy Plus Web Collecting Program is a collaborative collection development effort to build curated, thematic collections of freely available, but at-risk, web content in order to support research at participating Libraries and beyond. Participating Libraries are: Brown, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Penn, Princeton, and Yale.

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Collaborative Architecture, Urbanism, and Sustainability Web Archive (CAUSEWAY)

Archived since: Jun, 2014


The Collaborative Architecture, Urbanism, and Sustainability Web Archive (CAUSEWAY) is a joint initiative by the art and architecture librarians at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale universities, and the universities of Chicago and Pennsylvania, under the auspices of the Ivy Plus Libraries partnership. This project aims to preserve websites devoted to the related topics of architecture, urban fabric, community development activism, public space and sustainability in order to guarantee the continuing availability of these important but potentially ephemeral documents for researchers and scholars.

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Society & Culture Universities & Libraries

Contemporary Composers Web Archive (CCWA)

Archived since: Oct, 2013


The Contemporary Composers Web Archive (CCWA) is a collection developed by the Ivy Plus Libraries Music Librarians (a collaborative working group including Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Yale Universities, and the Universities of Chicago and Pennsylvania). The CCWA is an extension of an existing Ivy Plus Libraries Music Librarians collaborative collection development agreement identifying approximately 1,500 globally based contemporary composers of sufficient importance to have their published printed works collected at a comprehensive level by at least one participating institution. The agreement defines “contemporary” composers as: 20th-century composers still active in 1975; works by those composers deceased before 1975 but published for the first time in significant new editions after 1975 (optional among members); and composers active after 1975. The Archive aims to preserve for researchers the personal / official websites belonging to these notable contemporary composers in order to assure the continuing availability of the important, and potentially ephemeral content they contain, such as: biography, bibliography, discography, recordings, writings, lists / notices of performances, audio and video performances, photos, press notices, and more. For additional information about Ivy Plus Libraries or the Contemporary Composers Web Archive, please contact:

Subject:   Arts & Humanities Society & Culture

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